Best Toenail Fungus Treatment of the Year

Are you bothered by the way your feet look when you are using open-toed sandals? Does the look seem to bother you? It’s not actually the physical appearance that destructs you the most. It is that uncomfortable feeling that goes with it as well. When you think your nails are different than its usual color then something is wrong. When you feel that your nails seem to fall apart from the nail bed, then you have to be alarmed. You have just contacted the dreaded nail fungus.

Nail fungus does not merely affect the toes of your feet. It may also be a problem for your fingers as well. Your fingers may contact these fungi due to several reasons, too much soaking in dirty water included as the topmost cause among others. If you sit down doing nothing about it, then you will have to suffer from severe outbreaks of these fungi later on.

Your Home Solutions to Nail Fungus

Tagged as the cheap nail fungus treatments, home solutions for the problem are available in varieties. But if we can term them collectively as “hand or foot soaks” then we might as well do that. Basically, these home solutions would require you to create your own concoction using some stuff that can be found in your pantry or medicine cabinets (some can be found inside your refrigerators). The most popular choices are vinegars, Vicks Vaporub and Listerine. Any of these choices may be mixed with water and other essentials to create your hand or foot soak.

Together with these popular choices are essential oils that contain lavender, chamomile or mint. Any essential oil that may provide a soothing effect on your feet and hands will certainly be accepted for the purpose. Some people combine these oil varieties and voila! The foot and hand soak they want will be created.

Nail Fungus Treatment Products

Well, in the world where people seemed to be used to having homemade hand and foot soaks, there arrived nail fungus treatment products that are much handier to use than what were traditionally adapted by many. It’s a good thing that we have these products available for purchase, with simple instructions that go with the pack and with ideas on benefits that you will achieve from your use of the product. But there is a problem with these handier options; they tend to provide as a hard time with making a decision because a bunch of them is competing in the market.

There is not much to worry though in this regard. We at would want to show you that there are some factors in making a purchase. Factors such as effectiveness of the product, quality of ingredients, benefits delivered and overall value are to be considered.

The effectiveness of the product can be gauged using customer testimonials. These customer testimonials would state whether or not the product really works. Alongside customer testimonials, you may also assess if the product works long-term or will it stop its works once you have stopped using them.

When it comes to quality of ingredients, of course, you will have to look into the safety (or side-effect free) factor. Are ingredients made to be natural so as not to hurt your discomfort even more? Do these ingredients succeed to provide long-term benefits without harming your skin? Questions like these may be used to assess this part of the purchase criterion.

When speaking of benefits, you have to make sure the product you use will work in such a way that it will eliminate the root cause of the problem; and not just the reduce fungi that bother you. Benefits may also include softening of the skin, better color for your nails and soothing effect.

Last but not the least – you also have to assess the product’s overall value. In simple terms, will you get what you pay for?

Using these sets of criteria, we came up with three great nail fungus treatment products that work.

# 1 Fungi Aid ratingRating: 5/5

Nail Fungusfungiaid-ratings

Fungi Aid, a product which used to be available in a topical solution only, is now a two-step solution to your nail fungus problem. Fungi Aid offers a new product in its spray form. Now, it is easier to get rid of nail fungi.

The topical solution offers a variety of essential oils inside the bottle. The list includes jojoba oil, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil and clove oil. Meanwhile, the spray contains sulphur, mancinella and Arbor vitae among others.

This product also offers a string of benefits to the end user. It kills nail fungus while clearing the nails of the yellow keratin debris that has developed into it.

Get the one-month supply pack now for only $29.95.

# 2 Funginix rating


Promote healthy nails using a proven nail fungus killer. This is what Funginix is all about. In just as short as two weeks you will see how your toenails and fingernails will turn out to be better than it looks. There are no more traces of the yellowish fungi that bothers it plus you also get softer skin after.

Thanks to the safe and natural ingredients in the pack. Those nail fungus fighting oils will surely do their work as you enjoy using this handy product.

Get Funginix for only $39.95 per bottle. You may also want to try other products from the company.

# 3 Purnail rating


Also a proven nail fungus treatment, Purnail works by making sure that the fungus is cleared from its source. This natural, safe and effective solution is handy with its brush applicator. You can bring it anywhere just to make sure you can use it to kill your nail fungi. Make sure your nails are clean and dry before you apply the product for you to be able to see results. Restore your nails and enjoy the benefits of wearing open-toed shoes and sandals or even boasting your nail fungus free hands to others.

Get Purnail at a price of $59.95 per bottle.